the details of beta reading

Having your manuscript beta read is a giant, positive step toward publishing. In fact, I believe it to be an essential milestone in the process that many writers choose to forego.

The truth is, by the time a writer’s efforts become that 100+ page manuscript, many small things have been overlooked for the sake of the big picture. Speaking from experience(s), when the writing is done, the beta reader’s perspective is clearer than the writer’s. Rereading passages, even chapters, over and over, the writer tends to gloss over his/her own writing mistakes; this cannot be helped no matter how many times the piece has been self-edited. Most alpha readers will overlook errors and issues too; by my definition, they are your biased supporters.

as a beta reader, I will:

  • Be your second pair of eyes, going through your manuscript carefully (not with the thoroughness of a professional copyeditor or proofreader, however.)
  • Make notes (grammar & mechanics) and suggestions (storyline, character development) alongside the copy. I will not make any actual changes to your manuscript.
  • Give you my perspective of the story as an unbiased reader.
  • Will not assume that “I know what you meant” when you wrote it.

Let’s get started … contact me.

how it works

I beta read only fiction; it is what I enjoy reading. I am not the right audience for erotica, LGBT, true crime, or horror stories. Therefore, I do not beta read books that fall into these genres / categories. I will beta read young adult fiction, but not children’s books.

The rate I charge is $0.25 / page with the minimum being a serial or novella length of 100 pages (~250 words / page based on 12pt, Times New Roman). Half of the payment is expected at time of scheduling.

Send the following information here:
  • a brief description of your story
  • chapter 1 of your manuscript in Microsoft Word format
  • your expected publication date
  • genre(s)
  • total number of pages in your manuscript

I will promptly review the materials you sent and if your manuscript fulfills the basic criteria, I will send you a confirmation email—usually within 72 hours—with a quote of how much my beta read of your manuscript will cost, the payment details, as well as your Chapter 1 with my notes and edits returned to you.

Once we have agreed that I will beta read for you, we can coordinate the timing, i.e., my availability and an acceptable deadline. I will send you a final invoice before sending you my completed beta read.