the gist of web content and developmental editing

Unless content is written only for private consumption it should be thoroughly planned, proofread, and copyedited. Thus, I offer two kinds of editing service:

web content editing

Nowadays, for a writer or any public persona, a measly resume won’t do. For one, your boss isn’t the person sitting behind a desk in some high-rise office building (unless she is reading your book during her lunch break). Hopefully, you will have hundreds of thousands of bosses or clients—readers—but you cannot very well send a Microsoft Word document about yourself and what you write to each of them. Secondly, if a new reader discovers you, you don’t want to turn them away before they discover your second book.

your website is your curriculum vitae.

Making sure even the online copy about you is free of errors should be one of your top priorities. Any professional recruiter for any job will tell you that. When you are a writer, simple typos on your website are dismissible, but poor readability, inaccuracy, and repetitive or glaring mistakes are just embarrassing. The specifics on how I do website content editing are coming very soon.

developmental editing

There’s a not-so-new thing that exists under the radar of most self-published authors. Writers have all heard of a copyeditor and a proof reader to review the grammar and mechanics of their written work. However, seeking developmental editing help is where you as a storyteller enlist a plot, storyline and flow, and character development expert to comb through your manuscript for these types of inconsistencies.

If you’re interested … learn the details of my brand of editing.