the details of web content and developmental editing

website content editing

The content is written by you; your voice is the most authentic one for your audience. My goal as your content editor is to keep the interaction between you a your website visitor as true to your original voice as possible.

as your web content editor, I will:

  • Edit the content line by line, page by page, including meta data, i.e. page title, description, etc.
  • Proof the web pages work as you intended because I am really very good at website quality control)

how it works

You have two options on how we go about it:

  • Do I send you back the revisions to your content to implement yourself?
    • I charge a flat fee of $25 per web page, where a page really means the screen contains no more that 250 words of content.
  • Do you give me the access and I make the changes directly to your website.
    • $50 per web page, where again, a page means the screen contains no more that 250 words of content.

Let’s get started … contact me.

developmental editing

There is a lot more to a manuscript than grammar and mechanics. The story is most important, obviously. Specifically, that story has to be well planned out, the characters should have unique personalities and voices, the pacing and flow should be right for the tale, the genre expectations must be met, etc.

Having a developmental editor review your work is not the same as getting a beta reader’s insights. I would argue that first came the egg. Your penned thoughts have to be well seeded. Then, the developmental editor take a crack at finding all the cracks. The beta reader gives his/her opinion if the egg is intact and worthy of chicken-hood.

as your developmental editor, I will:

  • Go through your manuscript carefully looking for plot holes, character and story inconsistencies, pacing issues, and glaring problems
  • Provide detailed editorial notes with suggestions on how to remedy a particular aspect of the manuscript’s development.
  • Follow up with a one hour phone consultation on the development of your story / writing project.

how it works

As with beta reading, I prefer to edit fiction, however, even non-fiction manuscripts need developmental editing. Therefore, I will accept non-fiction projects and fiction in the following genres / categories: romance, mystery, young adult.

The rate I charge is $2.00 / page with the minimum being a serial or novella length of 100 pages (~250 words / page based on 12pt, Times New Roman).

Send the following information here:
  • a brief summary of your story or a brief but complete outline
  • your expected publication date
  • genre(s) targeted
  • total number of pages in your manuscript

I will promptly review the materials you sent and if your manuscript fulfills the basic criteria, I will send you a confirmation email—usually within 72 hours—with a quote of how much the developmental edit of your manuscript will cost and the payment details.

Once we have agreed that I will conduct developmental editing of your manuscript, we can coordinate the timing, i.e., my availability and an acceptable deadline for you as well as manuscript delivery. Half of the payment is expected at time of scheduling. As to that, you will receive my edits of your work back within two weeks of me having receiving the manuscript. I will send you an invoice for the second half of the payment before sending you my final report. A few days later I’ll get in touch again and we can schedule our after-edit call to discuss the edits and your manuscript.