the details of author brand coaching

Before I published my first book I spent six months writing it without one thought of the steps I should have taken in advance of its release. I was miles away from establishing any sort of author brand. Afterward, when faced with the reality that no one knew I existed I scrambled to catch up. I spent countless hours trying to get answers to my questions, piece-mealing (I know) what I found for my purpose.

self-published authors are not just writers

We must navigate the web (pardon the pun) of information just to publish one book. But the platform is equally as important for the long-term.

I did not have an author website or a social media platform to even link to at the back of my precious ninety thousand-word, sci-fi/speculative/metaphysical fiction baby. I had my personal Facebook page, which I logged into twice a year. My lack of branding was because I had worked for companies; I had not worked for myself these many years. I had no reason to make the world aware of me. A one- page, sometimes two-page, resume had sufficed.

Thus, I am offering my knowledge and experience as a long-time graphic designer and web developer to help YOU set up your author brand before you launch your first book, or revamp your so-so platform now.

how it works

The first consultation is free; we will get to know one other and set your goals. After we have spoken this first time, together we will create an individualized package of sessions to help you meet those goals (or a one-hour session is $125 and it may be all you want or need). The packages will be discounted.

During our subsequent one-on-one sessions we’ll discuss some or all of the following depending on your goals:

  • Writing under a pseudonym (or not) and the level of privacy you as a brand are hoping to achieve. This will be the start off point for your branding plan
  • The category or genre in which you write and the concept or image you hope to portray with your brand so you have a basis on which to approach your marketing materials and designs should you decide to outsource these services or do it yourself
  • Your specific questions on establishing your author brand
  • Your audience and how you can target your brand to best reach your audience.
  • Technology options for your platform (social media, website, and tools)
  • Establishing a presence on the web with a website and social media, including the logistics on how to make this happen with social media outlets, domain registration, hosting, contact forms and email, newsletters and mailing lists etc., (and costs)
  • Walk through some of the steps together, if you need it, e.g., registering a domain name (i.e., website URL), setting up your email on that domain, adding content, FTP (file transfer protocol), etc
  • The ins and outs of website creation, development, SEO and maintenance (and costs)
  • Automating certain aspects of your platform with integrations so you are not wasting your time

I will not skimp on any help I can provide within each session hoping to lead you into another hour … but, realistically, there is only so much that can be covered in each hour.

Let’s get started … contact me.

Brand coaching was one of the best decisions I took in terms of learning about my online presence as an author. In a few concise sessions, Ellison took me from a basic template author site on Wix to a full WordPress site with at least a basic understanding of what I was doing and why. Not only does Ellis have an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything to do with web design and SEO, but she’s able and willing to share it in a way that even rank beginner like myself can follow and then apply on their own.

—J.C. Steel, Author