welcome to inklingwell

The second web home of Ellis Blackburn, former web developer, content manager, graphic designer turned author and Indie publisher. Apart from writing speculative/science fiction novels and publishing them, I also offer the following author services:

  • Brand coaching other writers on establishing an online presence and building their online platform.
  • Web content and manuscript developmental editing.
  • Beta reading for creative writers and fiction authors.

my brand coaching backstory

I was a web developer for over ten years, working on small brochure-like websites for individuals as well as enormous, complicated ones for corporations. For another decade before that I was a graphic designer. I designed both print and digital graphics, including website layout and design, corporate identity, logos and icons, marketing materials, etc.

And in 2015, I became an author. Read on … for the gist of author brand coaching.

web content and developmental editing

You have seen misused or misspelled vocabulary on social media; I know you have. Either you corrected the poster (an offense you could not let slide as a principled writer) or ignored it—after all, social media is not Grammar School.

In an environment where emoticons and acronyms serve as acceptable substitutes for words and phrases, it is understandable that proofreading be cast low on the list of priorities. In fact, whole sentences can be constructed using icons and acronyms and then misinterpreted—is LOL “laughing out loud” or “lots of laughs”?

Any kind of professional writing, however, needs editing and your readers of your stories deserve it too. You owe it to yourself to get the gist of web content and developmental editing.

silence. beta reading in progress

To quote a friend, I “sometimes always” love to read. (It is amazing how useful these two words are together.) I have always loved it, but, obviously, this statement is not entirely true since I did not learn to read until I was five or so. Secondly, there are different kinds of reading. Information is thrust upon us from every direction, from every media outlet—in school, at work, by society, etc., and thus, sometimes, I enjoy it not so much. When it is by choice, it is fiction all the way.

Now, as an author, indispensable to my writing process are my alpha and beta readers. Because I appreciate how much better a vetted story is I offer beta reading services to my fellow writers too. So, let your family and friends be alphas, and ask not what you can do for your betas, but get the gist of what betas can do for you.